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Winter 2012 (Issue 9)

In Memoriam

Friedrich Hommel, 1929 - 2011
Director of the  Internationalen Musikinstituts Darmstadt, 1981-1994

Stefano Scodanibbio, contrabass soloist and composer 1956-2012

Luciano CHESSA: Tribute to Stefano Scodanibbio

Franklin COX: Richard Taruskin's The Oxford History of Western Music Part 1 (review)

Martin IDDON: Friedrich Hommel: The Secret of his Success?

Claus-Steffen MAHNKOPF: Friedrich Hommel the Visionary

Matt MALSKY: Fantasy and the Concert Hall

Marc SABAT: Shadings in the Chromatic Field: Intonations after Morton Feldman

Notes on Contributing Authors


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